In my tips to get started with your new Cafelat Robot I mentioned a few times my own recipes and the need to experiment with your Robot.

I’d like to share the recipe I use to start tuning my variables when brewing medium roasted beans such as espresso blends.

Remember this recipe is what works for me! I tend to favour brews with a slightly sweeter and fruity taste.

Coffee Beans - Medium Roast


Weight and Ratio: 16g for 36g. A 1:2.25 ratio.

Grind Size: I use slightly finer ground coffee than I would for a traditional espresso machine. This works better with the long pre-infusions.

Ground Coffee - Dot 4 on my Niche Zero

For additional reference, I use a Niche Zero as my grinder and the settings on mine work out as:

  • 4 for Cafelat Robot
  • 6-8 for traditional espresso machines
  • 34 for v60


TimeWeightPressure (Gauge)Pressure (Feeling)
25s pre-infusion1 - 1.5g~2 barMinor resistance against the water in the chamber
30s extraction34.5g~8barFull resistance without going overboard. If you need to exert too much effort to get an even extraction then your grounds are too fine.

Additional Notes:

  • I pre-heat the portafilter/chamber using the steam coming out of the kettle while water boils. I don’t bother preheating the Robot’s piston.
  • I don’t lower the pressure during the final seconds of extraction unless it’s a very light roast.
  • I use boiling water for the recipe above.